Moving basics

Don’t hurry! Moving is stressful, and it is best not to wait until the last minute. Before moving in, make sure your new home is ready, and it doesn’t need any kind of repairs. In this case, you don’t have to take the trouble. If the renovation hasn’t finished yet, it will be better to postpone the time of moving. Otherwise, the pressure on you will be much more.

The first step is to separate your stuff. Don’t bring the things that you don’t need any more into your new home. Put them away. Separate your books, clothes, utensils, appliances, plants, etc. so that after entering, you can easily arrange. Don’t forget to put the newspapers in the boxes of fragile items. You can also use your cotton clothes, this way you can kill two birds with one stone. Don’t fill the boxes with heavy items such as books, so that the workers can carry them easily. You can fill half of the boxes with the small things. Be sure to write on the boxes what devices are in, and especially if they are breakable items, mark them with red color. Count the number of boxes, and be sure there’s nothing left. Cover the furniture with their special wrappings. Put essential supplies such as clothes and sanitary stuff in touch.

If you are going to contact removal companies, search generally, and choose the most suitable one. Make sure the company will insure your belongings. It’s safer to carry your IDs, credentials, expensive accessories, and delicate items like TVs and computers by your own car. Remember that moving into a new home can make memorable moments, only if you go ahead with a plan and move in at the right time.

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