Packaging of kitchen and decoration breakable utensils before Furnishing

breakable items

Kitchenware packaging includes more subcategories and categories than other home appliances. One of the most delicate items is breakable items that need more care to pack and move than other items to prevent them from breaking. In general, there are several identical rules for packing home breakers that we will outline below. Breakable Packaging Rules […]

Safe transporting of the side-by-side refrigerator


How to pack a side-by-side refrigerator for Transporting Unplug the refrigerator 48 hours before moving for the cleaning purpose. Put the portable pieces out and pack them separately. Fasten the cord with an adhesive to the back of the refrigerator. Use glue to prevent the refrigerator door from opening. To avoid damage, wrap the refrigerator with […]

How to properly pack home equipment


How to properly pack home equipment Packing home equipment is one of the most significant parts of moving. For having the least amount of damage, in this article, you will be introduced with the most proper way of packaging.   The necessary elements of packaging Before beginning to pack, first, you need to prepare what […]