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While the prospect of a new beginning is exciting, it is no surprise that moving is a stressful life event. Making sure your new home is ready for you while simultaneously packing, moving and getting your previous home ready for new owners is a daunting task. It is a huge undertaking and often results in plenty of stress and frustration along the way. 

Fortunately, Canada Falcon Moving has the experience to turn this overwhelming event into a smooth and effortless one. It may not seem economical to hire a moving company, but once it is all said and done, our speed and proficiency will save you time and money. We charge by the hour, so our experience works in your favor.

Residential Moving from Vancouver to Edmonton and Beyond

Fast and Efficient Commercial Moving from Vancouver to Edmonton

The most daunting and expensive moves are the long-distance ones. Simply planning how to get your things, your family and your vehicles all moved to a long-distance location can be frustrating. It would often take more than one trip, which would be incredibly time-consuming and expensive.

Luckily, our team of professional movers has many years of experience planning and smoothly executing these types of moves. We always start by having one of our Moving Consultants lay out a plan of action with you. Once that is done, we will set it into motion with our highly skilled movers. Whether you’re moving across the city, across a province or even across the country, we’ll get it done in one shot. All you will have to do is get yourself and your family to your new destination. We will handle the rest.

Our Team Provides Stress-Free Moving from Vancouver to Edmonton

Choosing Between Affordable Moving Companies: Vancouver to Edmonton

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we treat every residential move as if it were our own home. We have developed the most efficient way to pack your items, from small breakable ones to large, bulky furniture. And the best part about our service is that it can be customized.

You have different options depending on how involved you’d like to be and what kind of budget you are working with. You can pack everything yourself and simply have us transport it. Or we can either help you pack or do all of the packing and unpacking for you. In the latter case, you really won’t have to lift a finger. Moreover, we pack your items in an organized manner by room, so unpacking and organizing are effortless.

Quick and Easy Commercial Moving from Vancouver to Edmonton

A commercial move can be a delicate and complicated matter, depending on the type of business you own. Our team is highly skilled at planning, organizing and executing this type of move so that you can be back up and running in no time. 

We have years of experience in various types of commercial moves, whether it be offices with sensitive document organization or industrial businesses with large equipment. You can rest easy knowing that your investments are in good hands with our team of skilled movers.

As a bonus, we also offer moving services for college students, junk removal and the delivery of moving supplies for those who want to get the job done themselves.

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If you’re moving from Vancouver to Edmonton, give us a call for a consultation.