International Moving

Moving is one of the most stressful situations you will deal with in life. It is often a drastic change and a new beginning. And the farther you move, the greater the change. But moving long distances doesn’t have to be as stressful as you might think. With the right team of professionals, it can be relatively effortless.

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At Canada Falcon Moving we have years of experience with all types of moves, including long-distance ones. We can get you across the city, across the province, across the country or even beyond.

If you are embarking on an international move, we have you covered. It may seem overwhelming at first, but our knowledgeable long-distance movers will make sure it all goes smoothly.

The first step for an international move is a consultation. One of our moving consultants will customize a plan according to your specific needs. When it comes to getting across the border with your family and your things, we are well-versed in the steps that are required. There are a few forms that need to be ready for customs at the border, as well as a list of items and everyone’s visas.

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The International Movers in Vancouver with Customized Service Packages

Part of your plan is also determining how involved you want our team to be. We have a few different packages available. You might be more budget-conscious and simply want a helping hand with the packing. Or you might want to sit back, relax and let our team handle it all for you. Either way, we are ready to accommodate your needs. We can even disassemble and assemble furniture.

And when it comes to our packing and unpacking system, our team has years of experience that makes them stand out from the competition. We charge by an hourly rate, so their speed and efficiency save you money in the long run. Our professionals are meticulous and treat your belongings as if they were their own, giving every client peace of mind.

Our Experience Stands Out Among International Moving Companies

At Canada Falcon Moving, we aim to remove the stress from your international move by providing the highest quality of service and support. Your Moving Consultant will be in constant contact with you along the way, and should you have any concerns, they will be addressed immediately.

We also offer residential and commercial moves with equally impressive service and efficiency. We can get you across the city, province or country in one shot, saving you time and frustration. We can even get your college student settled into their new dorm or apartment, making their transition an easy one.

If you prefer to handle your move yourself but simply need help with moving products, equipment or junk pickup, we can assist with that as well.

Our Long Distance Movers Offer Hassle-Free Moving from Country to Country

If your move is taking you across the border, choose the international moving company you can trust and give us a call for a consultation.