Packaging of kitchen and decoration breakable utensils before Furnishing

Kitchenware packaging includes more subcategories and categories than other home appliances. One of the

In general, there are several identical rules for packing home breakers that we will outline below.

Breakable Packaging Rules

• To pack breakable items before packing you need to choose a convenient location away from commuting. Kitchen countertops or dining tables are great options. In the meantime, try to find a suitable dust-free place for such equipment to prevent dirt from breakable utensils.

• Prepare cartons for packaging medium and small size breakable items and try not to put too many breakable items in one box so as not to overload the carton and lower the risk of breakage.

• Tighten the bottom of the carton and its corners with wide and special adhesive for carton packaging.

• Try using bubble nylons between the utensils in the carton and sticking them to utensils so that the tools do not collide to prevent breakage. The bottom of the cartons can also be covered with these nylons so that the force is not transferred to the equipment when grounding.

• Newspapers because of the chemicals and lead in the printing of articles, it is best not to use it to the packaging of breakable items and generally the dishes. Because it contaminates and paints things. Instead, if there is quilt pieces or old blankets, you can chop them up if you do not need them and put them in boxes or cartons for breakable items. However, this is usually not necessary in the case of the correct packaging of breakable items.

Porcelain and Crystal PackagingBreakable dishes such as cups, pitchers, and plates are usually not expensive, but they must be carefully packed because they are very sensitive and prone to breakage. Also, fill the inside of the cups with foam or cloth and place them flat in the box and fill them with separator cartons so that they don’t have any collision with each other.

However, you need to comply with all of the above when packing breakable items. This is especially important when transporting cargo to the county and suburbs. Because more distance equals more shocks and the possibility of more damage to utensils.

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